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I wanted to remind anyone who hasn't heard that 

"Operation Christmas Child" is in effect.  The deadline to get your box filled and back to the church is Novemver 20th

If you need a little help getting started here is a link from Samaritains purse

.`·.¸.·´ ?

Oh, and one more thing.  There is mention about money for shipping.  Don't worry, the "Missionary Ministry" has that covered.  All you need to do is fill that box!

Now, I gotto go,  sorry I'm in a hurry I need to get some neat stuff to fill my own Christmas box, but I'll leave you with a laugh, or at least a smile check out this cute promo video from Samaritains purse's website. 

~*'-'*~  <-video

They have a lot of other really cool videos to watch so go ahead and check them out .


God bless.

--Web Miss


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